Demo Reel 2007

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    ما هى iq option This demo reel is several years old but it gives a glimpse of some of the work that I have done in the past.  If you like what you see or want to know more please give me a call or drop me an e-mail.

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    Reel breakdown:
    Door bash: option web trading online This animation was completed for Area 51 a Xbox and Playstation shooter. The animation was completed in about 4 hours. It was used as a way for AI’s to help you through locked doors.

    Leaper retreat:

    opcje binarne polscy brokerzy This was a new behavior for this character that I helped concept; after a melee attack he slinks back into the shadows. It was very effective and made for a scary combat result. The animation was completed in about 3 hours.

    Leaper swarm wall jump: binäre optionen live trading This animation was done for Area 51. It was used down long hallways where a large group of leapers were rushing towards the player bouncing off the walls in a frenzy. The animation was completed in about 6 hours.

    Leaper Entrance:

    ioption binary This was one of several “gotcha” animations that this character had throughout the Area 51 title. It was completed in about 4 hours, and was very effective in startling the player.

    Dreadnought – Walk test:

    opcje binarne cała prawda This was a simple animation exercise to see how well I could get across the weight and scale of this forty ton steel machine. The model and texture were completed in about 5 days. Lighting, rendering, were another 3 days. And the compositing was done in Digital Fusion.

    Pegasus run cycle:

    This was a freelance animation done for The Animation Farm. It was completed Maya 6.0 using a custom rig in about 6 hours including revisions.


    This was done in about a fifteen hours; heavy post work was done in After Effects. All the lighting and rendering is the native 3ds Max render and each frame renders in a little less than thirty seconds.

    Fishing village:

    This cinema was done by me while at Warthog Texas. It was done for a canceled Vivindi Universal Lord of the Rings title. I was responsible for the set construction, lighting, effects, and post production of this clip.


    This is a personal art piece inspired from a dream. It also was a of a systemic way of floating an object on a dynamic surface. It was completed in about 8 hours.


    This was a freelance animation done for The Animation Farm. I rigged and skinned this character to a character studio Biped. The rig and skinning took about 5 hours and the animation was completed in another 5 hours with a few revisions.

    On the job:

    This is a walk cycle with a short anticipation. It was all hand drawn and completed in about two weeks.


    The assignment was to have a simple character in a rubber raft get hit by a wave; the focus was weight and momentum. It was all hand drawn and took about two and a half weeks.

    Grunt shooting:

    This is another animation for Area 51. This was an eerie scene where you witness a scientist mutate into a grunt and then lumber towards you before your teammates take him down. This was completed in about 10 hours.

    Honey bee:

    This honey bee was created for a live action short film; in production at Florida State University. The call came into me on a Thursday at lunch time; and it was finished and delivered on Saturday in under 36 hours.

    Auto shotgun:

    The limitations were a weapon in fewer then 500 tris with a 512 texture. The gun was taken from concept to final texture in about twelve hours.

    1840’s Saloon:

    This was an art test that was created for a game development studio from concept that they provided in about two days.


    This assignment was a low poly vehicle in fewer than 1,500 tris with a 512 texture map. It was completed in about twenty five hours.


    This was done as an art test; the objective was a low poly gothic statue. It was completed in about twenty hours.


    This was a matte painting created for a matte class at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The project was to move a building from downtown Savannah to another location. I shot all the plates myself and the project was completed in about four days.